Publishing Your Game On

Justen Chong
4 min readJun 20, 2021


Goal: Publish our game onto!

It’s actually much easier than you’d think! It does not take take very long to publish something at all!

Personally, for small projects like this I prefer to make an HTML5 build so that anyone who happens upon my games can play them quickly in the browser. Much like the early 2000s and the advent of browser supported Flash games.

This allows more people to easily access your game because downloading an application is generally a barrier that some people don’t want to commit to.

First things first, make sure you have an account. Then go to your dashboard located in the top left Navigation menu

On your developer dashboard you’re going to want to find the “Create New Project” button.

Once you do that then you’ll be greeted with a screen that looks like this:

This part is pretty straightforward. My suggestion is to have a separate folder in your project to keep all of your Promotional stuff. I usually just call it my “Promotional” folder and I put things like screenshots or titlescreens and trailer data in there. That way when it’s time to publish, it’s all in one convenient place

Just make sure you set the “Kind of Project” field to HTML because we want any visitors to be able to play in browser. This will change some of the fields afterward so it’s important that this is set properly

The next section is the pricing section. For this project I’m not super worried about making people pay for it so it’s set up as F2P with donations if anyone is so kind. Just make sure you set up your payment settings properly

For the Uploads section make sure that you do these things, otherwise it will not run on the page:

  1. Build folder is has been compressed into a .zip file format
  2. That there is a file called index.html
  3. The file is less than 1GB.

Here’s a sample of what your archive should look like:

Now we’re, up against the Embed Options. The main one to worry about is circled below as the rest are pretty straightforward

This will set the size of the viewport in the browser window based on what you set in your project settings. So make sure that you have the correct aspect ratio and a comfortable size so that it won’t be too big or cut things off from the side. I generally recommend 1280x720 because it’s the lowest common denominator among all screen resolutions. The projects settings in Unity can be found here:

The Details section is pretty self explanatory so I’ll leave that up to you for how you want to describe, but when you get to the end you can’t actually set your page to public until you save it first! So make sure you save it as soon as you can! Otherwise it’s set to Draft by default.

Before Saving
After Saving