Have A Lower End Machine Like I Do? Here’s A Tip To Boost Editor Performance

Justen Chong
2 min readJun 11, 2021


Here’s a quick tip that a friend of mine told me when I first started working in Unity.

If you’re on a lower end machine like mine then you may notice some lag spikes while working in the editor. Specifically when you’re working in 3D. One of the reasons is most likely because Unity is attempting to auto generate the lighting while you are working on the scene.

Auto Generate Lighting is set to ON by default so all we need to do for this trick is just to simply turn it off. That can be done by going to Window > Rendering > Lighting Settings and then unchecking Auto Generate at the bottom.

Done! The difference in performance is usually pretty noticeable so I uncheck it every time. You can just click the Generate Lighting button right next to it and leave your PC on overnight whenever you need to bake a new lightmap.

Hope that helps ^_^b